Your Virtual Advertising Agency at HALF the cost and Double the Response!

In most cases we charge the same price as the media.

Many organizations feel if they imitate our artwork, they'll get the same results. Sorry, The ADright program relies on more than just the creative artwork or commercials...
ADright has developed a software program that matches your target market with your business in not just one media, but all medias. Not with just one type media, but all medias in all types of media. What this means to you is that if you want to have a Father's Day Sale. You use the ADright™ program for you to choose your sale promotion. You pick the dates, enter your area, your desired media, sizes, time lengths, and options and the Adright™ program does the rest. Giving you pricing, method of distributions, circulations, and other important information. At this point you just click, click, click and the ADright program does the rest. You will be contacted personally for composition and your advertising is done, One promotion could be created for a year, month, week or special promotions. At this Point ImagePro Communications, creates, proofs and submits the advertising materials, in the correct size and formats to the appropriate media.